New Gospel of John

NEW:   The Gospel of John, SCOT Giant Print Edition

  • Designed for use in evangelism
  • Giant print (12-point font) paperback
  • Five-page summary of the Bible’s salvation message in the back.
  • More literal, “word-for-word” translation style
  • Based upon the Byzantine N.T. Greek textform sometimes referred to as the Majority Text.

The SCOT Gospel of John, Giant Print edition (12 pt. font), was produced by Stones Cry Out Ministries to fill a special evangelism ministry need. For mass evangelism, smaller, cheaper gospels are probably better suited because of their low cost. But in some situations, a nicer, Giant Print gospel may be worth the extra cost. For people who seem to have a genuine desire to learn about God and His salvation plan, the SCOT Gospel of John, Giant Print edition is perfect. Not only does it include a solid version of the Gospel of John, it also includes a concise summary of the Bible’s redemption message after the gospel concludes. If God the Father is drawing a person to Jesus, the SCOT Gospel of John provides all the truth necessary as he or she transitions from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light.

The SCOT Gospel of John is a translation from the original Greek Byzantine Textform, sometimes referred to as the Majority Greek Text, specifically Family 35. It is a precise translation of the original Greek text. It is translated directly from the original Greek text. It is not a revision of a previous English version, nor is it a paraphrase. The SCOT translation is more literal, word-for-word as opposed to the thought-for-thought approach utilized in many other versions today.

To help Christians evaluate the SCOT Gospel of John text, the Kindle version is offered (99-cents) with more detailed information (for evaluation purposes), including many critical notes. (Many of those notes would not be appropriate for a Gospel that is used for evangelism, so they do not appear in this paperback edition.)

To read the “Kindle” version for free as an HTML file click this. (You can click on all the internal links and read all the notes. Each note will appear in the top of the screen. Then, click the back arrow on the browser to get back to where you were reading in the book of John.

For very detailed description and understanding of the conventions used in translating, click on this link to read the detailed preface found only in the Kindle evaluation version.

Link to the Amazon page for the SCOT Giant Print Edition.

Link to the Amazon page for the SCOT Kindle Edition.

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