Two-Part mini videos- God preserved every word!

The mini videos on this page are designed to call attention to the fact that God has preserved each and every word of the original Greek New Testament. Being intentionally brief, they do not go into detail or show all the supporting evidence for the claim being made in them. If After a person has viewed...

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Faith is Not a Philosophy!

Recently, I had a conversation with a neighbor who claims to be a Christian. I told him about a friend who attends our church meetings who claims to be an unbeliever (not a Christian). Being curious, my neighbor began asking a series of questions about the things my friend believes. Using the Apostles’...

Salvation is Conditional

Note: By the word “salvation” in this article, I mean the salvation ready to be revealed in the last time, as Peter describes it in I Peter 1:5. (As opposed to the idea of being born again and being justified when a person first believes.) This salvation takes place when Jesus executes judgment as He...

Appreciating the Precision of New Testament Greek

Note: Most people do not know the definition of certain words used in this article. I used them just in case a reader does know them and desires to validate what I said. It is okay if you do not know them. You can read this article without knowing them and still get an understanding of what I am mainly...
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