Free Evangelism Training

Tom Bear’s 6-minute YouTube video testimony is provided on this link to encourage Christians while also teaching how our testimony can be used effectively to proclaim the entire gospel with a call to repentance.

Stones Cry Out Ministries provides a variety of tools to help Christians learn how to evangelize. One hour and 1/2 Day seminars are available at no charge to churches within 3 hours drive time of Detroit.  (This is a ministry, not a money making venture.) We also help host short term mission trips and invite Christians to participate in our door-to-door ministry. To help Christians on-line, we provide the 48 minute training video below. Further below that are links to two Mp3 audio files with actual gospel conversations with Muslims that occurred around 2010.

The Stones Cry Out Door to door guidelines may be viewed by clicking this.

free gospel tracts

free gospel tracts

free gospel tracts

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Actual gospel conversation with a Middle-aged Muslim woman– Mp3 audio file

Actual  gospel conversation with a young Muslim man–  Mp3 audio file