Christians are invited to join with us to advance Christ’s Kingdom. Those located near us may join us in our evangelism efforts. All Christians can join us by praying. If you would like to be kept informed how to pray for specific people we meet in our evangelism efforts, please send an email to StonesCryOut@aol.com and ask to be placed on the weekly evangelism prayer report distribution list.


Financial support:

This ministry is NOT a 501C organization. But some Christians give financial support regardless. We do not solicit financial support but welcome any and all financial help from Christians who are moved by God to give. Below is a Paypal button that may be used to facilitate this. Also below is a list of current things that Christians can specify, if desired, to give towards.



On going ministry items:

Bibles, gospel tract and literature printing (At least $ 200 – 300 per year)

Food and beverages for meetings and events (At least $ 1000 per year)

Ministry expansion or special needs that may arise. We sometimes purchase items to facilitate ministry and we desire to help other organizations that come to Dearborn. As financial needs arise, we will prayerfully give or spend money as it seems prudent. Please pray that God gives us wisdom in how to appropriate the funds that come into the ministry.

Bear family support: During the year 2016, Tom began receiving Social Security retirement which has enabled him to virtually cease doing his home remodeling and repair work and spend more time doing the work of this ministry. In other words, we do not need financial support forĀ normal family needs.

If you are moved by God to contribute a financial gift, you will be able to specify how you want the money to be spent.


Stones Cry Out Ministries TV interview from Thomas Bear on Vimeo.