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New August, 2022: Tom Bear’s latest book The Narrow Way Gospel Study Guide (evangelism/discipleship tool). Click this to see picture and description.

The free evangelism tools and training provided here are based upon years of experience in one-on-one evangelism.

The main purpose of this web site is to provide Christians around the world with free evangelism tools and instruction in order to equip them to live Christ-like lives and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. This web site has seven main pages:

Free Evangelism Tools

Tom Bear’s books (To see pictures and descriptions, click this.)

Free Articles and Media

Tools to help Christians minister to dying people

Free Evangelism Training

God has preserved every word of the New Testament videos and resources page

Tom Bear Bio  (with testimony and gospel videos)

Church planting and discipleship training are considered to be part of what it means to evangelize according to the biblical pattern. Besides its ministry to Christians across the world, Stones Cry Out Ministries is committed to evangelizing the high concentration of Muslims living here in Dearborn, Michigan with a long term goal of planting self-sustained, evangelical churches. The first church plant is called Dearborn Bible Fellowship.


free evangelism tools

free evangelism tools

free evangelism tools

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