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(Tom & Linda Bear taken 10/1/2022 at their 50th highschool reunion)

We want to help Christians proclaim the Gospel!

Even if you cannot articulate the gospel as well as you would like to, you can still hand a  person a gospel tract and ask them to read it. Some of you have children, loved ones and unbelieving friends that might be willing to learn what the Bible has to say about God’s way of salvation. If you are not doing so already, will you begin asking God to give you the opportunity to take an unbeliever through a good study of the gospel? Below, you can download a free copy of “God’s Redemption Message” gospel study guide. You do not need to be an evangelist to take an unbeliever through this study. If an unbeliever completes this short gospel study course, he can potentially learn the gospel message well no matter how inexperienced you might be at explaining the gospel. This guide is being used by Christians all over the world.

This page allows you to view and print free tracts and other evangelistic tools (PDF file format) for your evangelistic outreach.  Stones Cry Out Ministries gives permission to Christians to use them for evangelistic purposes.  Most of the tracts are formatted to be trifold single 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets that end up being about 3 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ that fit in a typical shirt pocket. (Two of them require legal size paper.) The evangelistic Bible study guide (God’s Redemption Message) is formatted as standard 8 1/2″ x 11″.

New Trifold Tract (June 2023): How to live a life that pleases God

New trifold tract to give to “lukewarm” or spiritually cold “Christians.”   (April 2024) (For text only (non-trifold), click this)

8 1/2 x 11″ version of “Who runs your life?” (April 2024)


Now you can send unbelieving friends links to a four-part You Tube mini video series that clearly explains the gospel. Each video is about 6 minutes long:

Christmas card tract– You insert your own picture and use it as a Christmas card. If you want a Word document instead of this pdf format, email Tom Bear and he will send you the Word document.




The Bible Message Summarized Follows the message of the video tract above.

View and print the PDF file

Its Your Choice is written to address the mind of those raised and a part of Anglo American and Afro American cultures.

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View and print the PDF file


Who Runs Your Life is also written to address the mind of those raised and a part of Anglo American and Afro American cultures.

View and print the PDF file


Difference between Islam and Christianity: This tract explains the difference between Islam, a works based religion, and Christianity. It explains how man’s sinfulness makes him abhorrent to God and demonstrates how the blood sacrifice of Christ is God’s chosen way for man to be reconciled to Him. This tract is available in English, Arabic and Serbian languages.

View and print the English PDF file

View and print the NEW improved Arabic PDF file

View and print the Serbian PDF file

View and print the Urdu PDF file

Note: The NEW IMPROVED Arabic version is longer and in a very short booklet form. To use it, you should print “all odd pages” first, then put them back in the printer and print “all even pages.” Then you will need to staple the booklet  (only 2 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper) in the middle with 2 staples.

Muslims Can’t be “muslim”   This is the newest tract (published 3/22/2018). It speaks about the inability of Muslims or any other religious person to produce righteousness that pleases God and points to the need for regeneration. This is the message of repentance that many people don’t preach these days. You MUST be born again.


Life is in the Blood: This tract teaches God’s demand for a blood sacrifice. It demonstrates how the sacrifice of animals during Old Testament times pointed to the blood sacrifice of God’s beloved Son. This is also an excellent tract for Muslims!

View and print the PDF file


La Vida se encuentra en la Sangre: This is “Life is in the Blood” in Spanish.

View and print the PDF file


Two Towers that Boast Great Things: This tract was written to show Jehovah’s Witness people how their man made religion dishonor’s Jehovah and exalts man in order to point them back to the cross.

View and print the PDF file


Does you knowledge of Jehovah line up with the Bible?: This tract exposes truths about God in the Bible that most JW’s have not even contemplated. If they ever come to your door, you can ask them if you can read the few Bible passages that it presents at its beginning. Then you can ask them if they ever read these passages before and begin discussing God’s righteousness based upon these passages.

View and print the PDF file


Evangelistic Gospel Study Guide in English and Spanish

God’s Redemption Message: Evangelistic Bible Study guide: This study guide has helped believers all over the world to teach interested unbelievers (and even some new converts) in depth details about God’s plan of redemption (the gospel). It can be used one on one or with small groups. The material can be covered in about 5 sessions of 1 to 1 ½ hours each. During each session, the leader and pupil read specified Bible verses aloud together. Then the leader asks the student the question on the sheet related to the Bible verse. Before moving to a subsequent question, each question can be discussed further if the student has questions about it. If an unbeliever goes through this study so that he understands the verses and the answers to the questions, he will gain an in depth knowledge of the gospel which God can then bring to life in him. I highly recommend it! (This guide is also available in Spanish.)

View and print the Student’s PDF file

View and print the Teacher’s PDF file


God’s Redemption Story: Evangelistic Bible Study guide in SPANISH

View and print the Spanish Student’s PDF file

View and print the Spanish Teacher’s PDF file

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