Squirrel Tails

Is it a waste of time to write about or read about squirrel tails? I suggest that careful consideration of squirrel tails can bring great glory to God and therefore be a productive use of time. I suggest that God can use the time we spend thinking about squirrel tails to make us more holy. So if you are willing, let me say a few things about squirrel tails.

If you have not noticed yet, animals have different skeletal and muscle structures. As a result, they have different ways of running or moving around. For example, cats can walk with both the front and back legs on each side moving in unison. Squirrels can’t. Whenever they move, both back legs move in unison similar to a rabbit. (This is true for all the squirrels I have ever seen in North America.)

What does this have to do with squirrel tails and the glory of God? The next time you watch a squirrel, notice the movement of the tail when the squirrel runs at least twenty feet. Because the tail is so long and fluffy, the entire length of the squirrel movement looks a bit like waves on the ocean. The movement is graceful and appears very fluid.

Because of the influence of Darwin’s perverted teachings, some of us might not see any significance in the relationship between the squirrel’s tail and the way it moves as it runs. But I suggest that God was very purposeful when He designed the squirrel’s various body parts. Yes, a squirrel’s tail might be useful in other ways, but God desires to display His glory in all things, including the graceful wavy appearance of the squirrel as it runs. It could have been sufficient to make a glorious fluffy tail. But God wanted to increase the glory of that tail by designing the skeletal and muscle structure in such a way that both back legs move in unison. Without that feature, the waviness of the running squirrel would not be seen. God is not hap hazard in His designs. He is a master designer who paid attention to every single detail of each thing He made.

Do you think that God thought about all this when He conceived the design of His squirrel? I hope you do. The creation is full of God’s glory. It is important\to reflect on God properly as we gaze at the things He made. The Psalmist said, “Great are the works of the LORD;     They are studied by all who delight in them” (Psalm 111:2). Now some of God’s works are more noteworthy than others. For example, we are overcome with joy whenever we behold God saving a sinner. Perhaps nothing brings more glory to Him. But if we open our eyes, we just might behold that His glory is shining all the time everywhere we look, including the squirrel tails.


For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work;

     I will triumph in the works of Your hands.

O Lord, how great are Your works!

     Your thoughts are very deep”  (Psalm 92:4-5).


I wonder if this Psalmist ever noticed the wavy look of a squirrel with its long tail while running. If so, it seems likely that he would have done more than just enjoy the sight. He would likely have used the moment to reflect on God’s wondrous ways. He probably would have noticed the purposefulness in the design of the squirrel.

With each passing moment of our life, we have the opportunity to reflect on God’s glory or miss it. I believe that God delights to show His glory to each one of us personally. Whether in creation or in His many other works. We have a choice to either reflect on Him or just look at things the way the unbeliever looks at them. The more we reflect on His glory, the more He displays His glory to us. The less we discipline ourselves to reflect on His glory, the less of His glory will be evident in our lives.

Can you see now how squirrel tails can have an impact on our holiness?  Let me encourage you to meditate on God’s works all the time. Let me also encourage you to speak of His works to others all the time. Write about them and speak of them to your children. Your fellow believers need to be reminded of God’s wondrous works. His works are everywhere we look. He works in the lives of people in glorious ways. And He has also displayed His glory in all the things He has made.


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  1. Tim Parker says:

    Great article. It is so true that when we are plugged in to God’s Glory, He opens the windows of heaven to show us more. Yes, this is linked with holiness – as there are few things more majestic than a person living righteously or holy through the power of His Grace. When we walk in holiness, His Glory is seen, and the more we walk in holiness, the more He demonstrates His Glory to those who walk in this way because it pleases Him. Thanks again.

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