Slander: the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another person’s reputation.

Unfortunately, slander of one Christian by another occurs often these days. It is a sin that can happen to any of us. We must always be on the alert so that we don’t slander others.

Perhaps the reason this sin occurs so frequently is that some Christians might not even be aware that they are slandering other Christians. Many Christians seem ignorant of the Bible’s warnings and teaching on this subject.

Perhaps the worst form of slander though, at least in my opinion, is what I call “sanctified slander.” This occurs when pastors or other Christian leaders slander other Christians but do so in a way that appears justified. After all, if the pastor is the one slandering then it must not really be slander. Those under the authority of certain pastors would never dream of holding them accountable for their slanderous remarks. It probably does not even occur to them that the pastor just slandered because after all, he is the pastor and everything pastors do is sanctified. It must be alright.





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