Imagine This

Living among us are millions of people who have never really understood the gospel.


Millions of these people have no interest in going to a church or even learning the Christian message.


After a variety of attempts to advertise, a local church decides to send a couple of its members out to where the unchurched people live via a door to door campaign and similar outreach.


Rather than inviting the people to the church, they are commissioned to proclaim the gospel and plant a new, independent church made up of other people who also are like them. (generally unchurched)


By God’s grace, hundreds, perhaps thousands of formerly unchurched people hear and begin to understand the gospel.


Within a year or two, 10, 20 or perhaps 30 of these people now attend the meetings of this new local body of believers and they meet in the basement of those who were sent out by the sending church.


Assuming this actually happened, how would you answer the following questions?



Are you glad that these people who previously did not understood the Gospel have now heard it and understood it as a result of this effort?  Or, do you think that Christians should not bother people by going door to door and interrupting their lives?


Do you consider the goal to plant a new, independent church an acceptable plan? Or is such an approach wrong?


If you consider such an approach to be wrong, how do you reconcile your view with the New Testament since the pattern described is the same pattern used by the Apostle Paul and the early N.T. church?

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