Concerning my occasional reference to the Greek language in my writings:

Because I occasionally reference the Greek in my writings, let me set the record straight about its relative importance as I view it.

God has enabled me to gain some knowledge of N.T. Greek. In some passages, this knowledge helps me ascertain more accurately what the N.T. authors were trying to communicate. While I think such knowledge would benefit any Bible student, there is something for more important available to anyone, regardless of their language skills.

The main goal of our study of the Bible should be to know God personally- possess an intimate personal relationship with Him.

The most important asset a man can have in this pursuit is a humble, seeking heart!

One man might be a master of the Greek and Hebrew languages but not have a humble, seeking heart.  Another man might have only a New International Version of the English Bible and limited English skills (and no computer)…but have a humble, seeking heart. It is the second man who is in a better position to gain an intimate relationship with God.

So, when I reference the Greek language, please just consider it merely my feeble attempt to convey things that might add to the matter under consideration.

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