A Rapid Descent

If you are a rational parent, you have a built in desire to protect your children from any predators that seek to do them harm. Now imagine you are a parent of a twelve-year-old girl who attends a public school. If you are a rational parent, you certainly do not want any teenage boys or men barging into the girl’s locker room, taking their clothes off and then showering with your daughter…right? If you would not have a problem with that scenario, please discontinue reading. This article is addressed to rational people only.

Recently, the state of North Carolina passed a law that is designed to prohibit such a scenario from occurring. Basically, it prohibits males from using public restrooms or dressing rooms designated for female use.[1] It also prohibits females from using public restrooms or dressing rooms designated for male us. To all rational people, this is a common sense law. What is shocking is that such a law would have to be written in the first place. I guess it demonstrates just how far our culture has fallen into depravity.

The thing that should alarm us rational people is not the law nor the need for one like it being enacted. The most alarming thing about all of this is how the masses are being bullied and manipulated by a minority of people that oppose the law. A growing number big name entertainers, politicians and large corporations have gone on the record condemning the state of North Carolina for enacting this law. What is a person like me to think about such people who are criticizing North Carolina for enacting this law? I can only conclude that if any of these people are parents of teenage daughters, they evidently would not care if a teenage boy or man suddenly burst into the shower naked and showered with their teenage daughter. I have no choice but to conclude that they are irrational people that have no morals. Not too long ago, people who displayed such irrational thought would be put in mental institutions. But it appears now that they are running the country.  The irrational, deluded people are now considered normal and people like me are given labels such as “hater,” “bigot” and “intolerant.”

Here is the main thing that should concern and instruct all Christians watching all this. If such widespread deception and delusion exists that the irrational are considered normal while we (the rational) are considered haters, bigots and intolerant, how long will it be until these irrational people in power enact laws that make it illegal to be rational, like us? How long until they finally kill us just to rid the world of any opposition to their wanton lusts? I suggest that the recent events indicate that this is precisely where things are headed.

So, start counting the cost of standing firm because it could soon cost you your life. Is the “great falling away” just around the corner? (See II Thessalonians 2:3.) It seems obvious to me that the world is brimming with deception and delusion. It is ready to receive the great man of deception referred to by the Bible as the Antichrist. It appears that the world will gladly bow the knee to him.

[1] The law specifically says that people must use facilities on the basis of what their birth certificate indicates. Opponents of the new law may take offense at my position. But since I side with God on this matter I believe I am on the right side of this issue. A male is a male and a female is a female….no matter how they feel about it or how they might choose to mutilate their bodies.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Romans 1:18-32 explains it all!

    and Isaiah 5:20

    Thank you for the article.

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