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New September 2023: Tom Bear’s latest book:

Today’s Truncated Gospel and its Effects: A growing number of Christians are noticing that spiritual sluggishness is spreading among Christians. Perhaps you have observed this and have begun to pray for revival. Many factors are likely contributing to the spiritual sluggishness. This book explores one of them. We know that unless the Holy Spirit moves upon God’s people, revival is not going to happen. But the Holy Spirit uses the truth of the Gospel in the process of reviving people. This book asserts that during the past two or three hundred years, the Church has gradually embraced a gospel that is truncated to some degree. It demonstrates that today’s gospel has veered slightly from the gospel taught by the disciples and the early church fathers. It asserts that today’s watered-down gospel is missing truth necessary to produce the type of vibrant Christian life that we read about in the New Testament. If you want revival and are praying for it, this book may help you lay hold of it not only for yourself, but for your Christian friends and loved ones. To learn more about it, click this to go to the Amazon page. Then, click on the “Read sample” button and read the first two short chapters.

The free evangelism tools and training provided here are based upon years of experience in one-on-one evangelism.

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Church planting and discipleship training are considered to be part of what it means to evangelize according to the biblical pattern. Besides its ministry to Christians across the world, Stones Cry Out Ministries is committed to evangelizing the high concentration of Muslims living here in Dearborn, Michigan with a long term goal of planting self-sustained, evangelical churches. The first church plant is called Dearborn Bible Fellowship.


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free evangelism tools

free evangelism tools

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