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Audio sermons that relate to evangelism:


Free Evangelism training

free evangelism training

free evangelism training

Thy Kingdom Come: Learn how only those who are anxiously waiting for Jesus to come back are the true believers and learn what it means to long for His return.

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Things You Can do (and do you must!)




Audio gospel tracts:

(For unbelievers)

Who Runs Your Life?:  A ten minute audio gospel tract


Life is in the Blood:  Kendall Scott explains the importance of a blood sacrifice as God’s chosen Way of salvation. This is an excellent audio tract to send to your unbelieving friends. (about 45 minutes)


Other challenging sermons:


Prepare to die!:   Increasingly, Christians are being persecuted and killed in the world. There are signs that persecution is increasing here in the United States. True Christians confess Jesus before men even when threatened with death. This 30 minute message by Tom Bear is intended to help the listener anticipate how he will respond to the threat of death and gives instruction to help us prepare for widespread persecution.


Are you Growing? (Spiritual growth produces assurance of salvation.)


Take heed lest you fall!:   Tom Bear teaches and warns about the dangers of presumptuous sins such as gossip. (about 45 minutes)


Righteousness and Peace have kissed:  (Psalm 85:10) Tom Bear looks through the eyes of the psalmist to behold the beauty of the cross. (about 45 minutes)